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Global Infrastructure, IT & Logistics Support Services Company

The Challenge

Number of Countries: 18

Number of Employees: 5,000 full-time, 7,250 contracted personel

Main businesses: Facilities and Logistics Services; Information Technology and Network Services


Vectrus is a leading defense contractor providing global service solutions in the areas of Information Technology and Network Communication services, and Facility and Logistics services.

Since 1945,Vectrus has succeeded by tackling some of the world’s most difficult challenges. The management team averages 28 years of experience in the military and industry alike, and its globally diverse workforce, including more than 35% of its employees reporting a military background, provide it with highly resourceful and experienced problem solvers. Vectrus currently operates in 18 countries across four continents, in both stable and unstable environments, employing approximately more than 5,000 people and managing more than 7,250 subcontractor personnel.

Culture of Compliance and Certified Processes

Vectrus is disciplined in its approach to monitoring and controlling compliance with U.S. government regulations and reducing legal and reputational risk ,which givesVectrus a competitive advantage.Vectrus holds certifications in areas including quality management system (ISO 9001), occupational health and safety management system (OHSAS 18001) and IT service management system (ISO 20000). In addition,Vectrus maintains a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) maturity level 3 appraisals for it network communication services.

Many companies have distributed locations with local internal controls, but Vectrus has a unique structure. Internal controls at Vectrus can be wholly local, performed at corporate, or split between the location at corporate.  This created a unique set of challenges for documenting and testing the controls.

The Solution

Map Internal Controls

Using the Compliance Central Controls Manager, Vectrus was able to map their internal control environment and easily identify where each control was performed. With hundreds of control points across the globe, this helped tremendously during audit planning, when the company had to assign resources for internal control evaluations and testing.

Since its implenemtation, Compliance Central has boosted Vectrus’ ability to report control deficiencies to senior management and the Audit Committee. Stakeholders now feel informed and in the know.

Customize the System

Using the configuration features of Compliance Central, Vectrus has customized the system to meet their specific requirements and process around segregating the year a control was tested along with reporting of control deficiencies by year identified.

Customize Reports

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Vectrus’ process is the custom report they created in Compliance Central that shows the last action taken on a deficiency and the next action planned e.g. meeting, phone call, etc. This has significantly improved accountability over internal controls and provides instant transparency to all stakeholders.

Provide the Solution

Vectrus continues to pursue new opportunities to help our country and our military in their mission. Compliance Central is an critical part of Vectrus’ effort to “get the right result in the right way.” Vectrus – true to your mission!

The Results


Reduction in time updating controls


Decrease in preparing reports for management


Increased efficiency in deficiency reporting and updating status to programs

Providing Visibility Throughout

This is an excellent IA application for controls monitoring and reporting from both the Chief Audit Executive perspective (Board reporting needs) as well as the frontline management perspective (control documentation and deficiency follow up) thanks to the intuitive setup. What I found especially useful and unique was that this app is completely flexible to match your business needs. As other reviewers have said the configuration can be completely customized making this easy to use and effective!Holly Vavrek

Head of Internal Audit, Vectrus

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