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Sarbanes Oxley Controls for Salesforce – A Primer
We are often asked about internal controls that need to be in place around a certain type of technology...
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Ten Ways Co-Sourced Internal Audit Can Compliment Your Team
Internal vs. co-source, centralization vs. decentralization, hierarchical vs. flat management…these arguments...
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Uncovering the Problems Hiding in your Account Reconciliations
Account reconciliations are part of the basic building blocks of financial processes and controls. It’s...
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Timeliness – The Most Misunderstood Word in Internal Controls
Accounting and auditing literature are full of mentions about timeliness. Often this word is associated...
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Journal Postings – The Achilles heel of internal control over financial reporting
Managing, documenting or auditing internal controls is a detailed endeavor. Normally we have to be attentive...
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How to Reduce and/or Eliminate Internal Control Exceptions
No one likes to deal with control exceptions. Certainly, process owners are not fond of having an auditor...
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The Three Types of Control Exceptions That Actually Matter
Undergoing an internal audit for Sarbanes Oxley, or any other audit for that matter, can be stressful....
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Why Your GRC Software Should Map to Your COSO Framework
Growing regulatory oversight, more business complexity, and the increased focus on accountability have...
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Why It’s Important to Customize Your GRC to Your Compliance Process
While 83-percent of organizations participating in the 2017 Protiviti Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Survey...
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The Advantages of Compliance Central over a Manual Process
Creating consistent GRC data standards and communicating them effectively is challenging for many organizations....
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